Bad, website, Bad!

Here is the HBO+EMTB website. You  might be thinking “oh yes, HBO, I have heard of this… isn’t it famous?” Yes, it is but we’re not talking about that HBO. Apparently this is a design firm internationally based in about twenty cities worldwide. Now, I don’t want to point out the obvious but complaint #1 would be the fact that one doesn’t know what or why they are viewing this website (don’t ask how I even got here).


I do appreciate sites that have a lot of white space but the home page should have some description of who they are. The images would work better if they had a rollover state of sorts (maybe color or slideshow). When you refresh the main page a different abstract image shows but still gives no clue to what we are dealing with here. The navigation is consistent ( in being that it makes no sense).


When you click on a page on the top navigation you are re-directed to a page with a ton of white space and then the navigation is covered with the pattern. However, when you hover over the pattern the menu options reappear… which I only found by frustration.


Until you click on the “Practice Statement” you have no idea what they are and even then they have overly simplified what they do.


The contact page shows an interesting map of cities (consistent in its minimalism) yet when you click on cities that are placed right next to each other it becomes difficult to click on the one you want (Shanghai and Taipei are not the same).

Overall, their website is too minimal and their navigation is unfriendly and not intuitive. I understand they probably have high-end clients who like minimalism but they could do a better job in the copy and imagery choices.


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