10 Reasons that make Flickr hardr.

Ok so I am pretty sure everyone will understand this one. lol.


Now I will issue this to be a little fair: It is an improvement over their older one, which was boring and fell flat.

Now we’ll begin.

1. Confusing navigation.

Some issues with the redesign. While overall it tries to give you more freedom, it actually becomes more confusing to navigate.

2. purple yahoo! bar. PURPLE YAHOO BAR.

The purple Yahoo! bar lies on top yet another bar for flickr. They are trying to be like Google but the design scheme between the two do not mesh well. Now if that were gone, or could be hidden and accessed later, then that would have been a better option.

3. Photo names.

The photographers name and credits can be hard to read. As evidenced here:


This gets hard to read at a moments glance. Good design means that you should be able to see things like the name quickly. They could either not show it until you hover over the image, as to not make it intrusive, or have a bottom black (or semi transparent bar) that houses the name and maybe even the title of the work.

4. Boring login.

This is literally the login screen. It may be different for others. But shouldn’t there be a picture behind it? Not when I went there. Think Twitter or Tumblr. They have a login that is simple and has a nice picture in the back. Also, Yahoo! logo is mentioned 3 times. Once is enough.


5 and 6. Zoom and Original sizing (Lightbox related issues).

When you click on a photo you have it blown up. Cool. Then when you click on it again it goes to a fulls-browser lightbox. Not so cool. While this may be a feature for a slideshow if you click on it again, it’s a FULLSCREEN SLIDESHOW. it’s not really zooming. But the zoom icon (magnifying glass) appears! I have talked with people who go bananas over that! 3 levels of click in zooming that basically is no different from each-other. How do you zoom? You don’t. But you can try to view it in it’s native size. right click and view the largest size offered. Not intuitive because no where else does something like that pop up. Seriously! This shouldn’t be no criss angel magic shit.


7. Cluttr.

The two nav bars (1 Yahoo and 1 Flickr) crowd up the top header. Then there is a picture banner that has a nav bar for the flickr group (includes photos/discussions/members). then there is a nicely tiled wall of photos below that to the right. But to the left there is a side bar that has yet more levels of information. Actually that bar is just a redundancy or a quick summary of the group. Doesn’t need to be there. Thankfully they have a <<HIDE button. Click it. plix.


8. Too much, too fast.

Flickr wants you to have access to photos. They do it so much so that it becomes overwhelming. It’s like an over glorified Google Image page. But the modern/retro scheme and design can make it hard to take in all at once. Maybe if they had a softer contrast and a simple nav it can work to a greater effect. Think designspiration. Yeah. Beautify what’s good with the art, not trap it inside of the UI. Just like the article said:

“The act of designing interfaces is not Art.”

9. Personal Nav

This is a hover state that appears when you hover over your avatar/icon. This is where they moved the “HELLO YOU” message that would appear on top of the page in the old flickr site. It’s cute but that doesn’t seem like the right place for it. Before I thought it to be charming, now when I hover over it by the corner of the browser, I lose that immediacy, that instant love of the greeting. It feels displaced. And the ad free button doesn’t help either. At least there’s a terabyte of space to fill, they make easy mention of that!!!

10. Direction

What’s the first thing I do? Where do I go to reply, where do I go to find things about the photo/work?


This is it, above. Another nav bar for favoriting, replying, sharing, zooming out, and the ellipses. The button that is the odd one out. Or  it’s like your little nephew that hides under the kitchen sink, just waiting to be found only to know three weeks later you come home to something odd in the air. This ellipses has tons more stuff! (more so if it’s your own photo). These buttons do good things, don’t get me wrong. It’s just a lack of direction. I didn’t know that I could use that button to reply. I would just scroll to the bottom of the page and ‘add comment’. The buttons are there to expedite our otherwise normal ways of operating, but without clear direction those buttons might as well be coat hangers, or paper weights.

11. Hardr (conclusion)

Overall the flickr site offers users a bigger, not better, way of operating what they already knew how to do since the old flickr. They didn’t make life easyr on us to upload and view a photo. They made it hardr. The should have simplified what they already had going for them. Just because their company is in a slump doesn’t mean you throw everything at it, including the kitchen sink! It just means you need to reevaluate what makes the site special and user friendly. Dat’s all.


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