Bad Website

This is a website for a Kentucky burger spot named Hugh Jass Burgers.


Problem #1: No user control over the slideshow.


There’s no other section of the site where you can view pictures of the restaurant’s food other than the home page. If I wanted to view what the restaurant has to offer, I would like to manually go through the pictures myself instead of having to wait until the slideshow cycles back over again if I saw something I liked.

Problem #2: Autoplay background music.


They are not good for people (like me) who sometimes forget to mute their laptops in quiet areas.

Problem #3: Logo cut off on header.


The top logo is cut off on my laptop screen (even when I have it on full screen). Pretty useless, especially since it’s the main part of the company’s identity and half the company’s name is cut off too.

Problem #4: Splash page opens up a new browser window when clicked.


I don’t see the point of this other than wanting to take up more real estate on my screen.

Problem #5: Useless/misplaced info.


There’s no map or address of the restaurant under the locations tab.

Problem #6: Terrible copy.


All the copy on the site is poorly written, with typos, all caps sentences in the middle of paragraphs, etc.

Problem #7: Flash.


The website runs on flash, and does not have a version of the website optimized for mobile devices/tablets who aren’t able to run it.

Problem #8: Hard to read text.


There was no thought put in the type choice, and a lot of the links found in the body copy are hard to read.

Problem #9: Navigation.


Some links in the navigation are highlighted red when you’re on that particular page, while others are black (as shown above) which makes it hard to distinguish from the grey links.

Problem #10: Scrollbar.


Anything navigation based on a good website should be easy to see/use. Here on the website, we can barely see it as it blends in way too much to the background color.


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