Chilango Mexican Food – Bad Site



Alright so I found this astoundingly bad website for Chilango Mexican Food.

The first page appears to be a static image in which you can click the “enter” button in the middle. If that were the case, it may have been slightly better.

What’s happening here and on every page is that the developer has cut the whole page or full image of the site into slices and uploaded them separately. For. each. page. He wrote a table and filled each cell with a part of the image. I can’t fathom why he would do that instead of just uploading each image as a whole.

Design wise, the first page doesn’t need a landing page. The bottom of it is sliced off sloppily and contrasts terribly with the unstyled background around it.

After we find the enter button, we enter the next part of the website and are greeted with the same page with a nav bar. I’m not sure why it was so important that we needed to see the chilango logo again instead of any enlightening information.






As we navigate to the lunch or dinner page for the menu (after too may clicks), we find a list of food. First of all, there is a huge amount of copy and tiny amounts of text. Not to mention, the text is still a sliced up table image. When you click on each of the menu items the page refreshes slowly and you can see each of the slices loading in separately.

The font of the Chef page looks like a completely different font entirely but is the most legible part of the website.

Clicking on the Chilango button in the nav we are greeted with the huge definition of what a Chilango is – along with a continue button, which I never would have clicked on if I wasn’t doing this assignment. There’s also a mysterious… shape next to the button. No idea what that is or what it’s significance is but it doesn’t make me want to click the button any more.

And let’s see… the gallery has 4 out of 8 images blank. Room for growth I suppose? But why show the images at all and not just arrows or a stack of photos? It would be an easy design solution with more than 10 minutes of thought.

From the home page we can try to click on the facebook and twitter images that don’t work.


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