Findlay Not Friendly


1) There is no clear purpose to this site upfront (what do they  do??)

2) Light grey type is small and hard to read, but is essential to find the nav. I kept waiting for something to happen, and then realized I needed to read the tiny type

3) You have to click the logo to open the nav? Very confusing

4) The nav in general = very confusing! No clear labels to click

5) Also, why are the nav items spinning? You have to catch one of the little dots and click on it

6) Then there are more dots, layers of dots if you will. It becomes so unorganized so quickly, it’s difficult to figure out what your supposed to do.

7) Because of the dots, and the spinning, it is also hard to keep track of where you have been and it is easy to skip over parts of the site

8) Loads verrrrrry slowly when trying to look at the projects

9) There is no way move backwards through the site or go back to certain stages unless you hit your browsers back button

10) Background image used on some pages is distracting and doesn’t really make sense to for the content


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