Group Comparison – New York Times vs. BBC

Group members: Nicole, Alex, Allison, Melinda, Cassandra




1) Overall Thoughts

The New York times feels more like a typical newspaper and the BBC reads like it’s meant to be online – media driven. The BBC is more image driven and also has better navigation than the New York Times.

2) Who are their users?

The BBC has probably a younger audience and/or more of an international audience who is interested in global news stories. The New York times has probably a more educated, older audience from the U.S.

3) What is each site’s main objective?

New York times is more nationally based news and the BBC is more internationally based news. Their objective is the share news stories with their readers.

4) Why would there be differences between them?

Audience, funding (print vs television based media), location, politics and commerce.

5) Which site would be more usable by your grandma?

The BBC might be easier from a navigation standpoint, but she might be more comfortable with the newspaper-esque layout of the New York Times. 


The New York Times

1. Hierarchy: 5/10

2. Navigation: 3/10

3. Aesthetics: 5/10

4. User Experience: 6/10



1. Hierarchy: 8/10

2. Navigation: 10/10

3. Aesthetics: 10/10

4. User Experience: 9/10


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