I’ve got 99 problems and this website is one.


The Queen Bee Giftery

1 It literally two minutes to find what I think might be the navigation.

2 The navigation is stacked vertically, which is not uncommon if it were on the left side of the page. However, the navigation is located 4/5ths of the way to the right.

3 There is a very heavy news section to the right of the navigation that competes for attention with the logo and the navigation. It is very long so to view it you must scroll for a long time leaving the main content area awkwardly empty.

4 There is an inconsistent amount of negative space between heads in the news section making the organization not very smart and confusing.

5 The heads in the news section are indented, causing awkward space in the small column of News content.

6 Everything in the news section, the long link – that still has “http://www” in it – turns pink when hovered over, so does the body and the head under the section. The three things are distinct yet behave similarly causing a weird disconnect.

7 The body copy is right aligned with a long line-length making it difficult to find your spot when you look back to the left to start reading the next line of text.

8 There is no size, color, hierarchal distinction between the social media links and the body copy. They are also placed before the content making the secondary function more important than the primary.

9 The contact form is left aligned causing a jarring disconnect between the body copy and the contact form. The content beneath the contact form is then left aligned. There is no consistency, and this is just one page we’re talking about here.

10 There is an oddly placed tagline “Where Ogden Shops…” it is placed between the awkwardly centered title of the web page and the company logo. It is styled differently – when comparing to other page elements – so it would be expected to behave as a link or something else. It is not a link it is just an oddly styled tagline.


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