“Not your mama’s Ajax”



10 Reasons this site is bad:

1) I’m afraid I might get a virus if I click on anything.

2) The navigation is all over the place and is badly organized.

3) The little red pointer arrow is creepy. It does not enable interaction—I don’t want to interact with it.

4) Pink and purple. Color does not highlight the interface but overwhelms it.

5) Not sure exactly what this site is about or what it’s supposed to do (no clear message)

6) Finally got the nerve to click on the “chip music” link and nothing happened. Clicked on the “star gazer” link and nothing happened—I clicked on just about all of the links and nothing happened.

7) The typography is lacking to say the least and there is absolutely no hierarchy.

8) The sliders are there for absolutely no reason and they don’t even slide when you try to use them. They do no behave in a way I would expect.

9) After about 10-15 minutes of looking at this site and interacting with it I finally discovered all you can do is move the navigation boxes around.

10) Are the police going to show up at my house because I clicked on the links? The bad design, confusing interface and links that do nothing left me feeling like this is a website I would not want to use or can trust.


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