Pinterest VS. Reddit

Group 1

Corinne Kunz, Ashley Turner, Eric Langs, Chris Lopez, & Sally Lopez


Reddit is made up of hundreds of sub-communities, each focused on a specific topic. It’s a communication site. It’s a news site, forum, discussion board. Whereas Pinterest is more for inspiration. Pinterest is where you go to discover new things and collect stuff you love.

Reddit has everything from politics to cute puppies. Pinterest includes Art, Recipes, Wedding inspiration, Fashion and much more.

The user experience is more pleasant on Pinterest. Where Reddit is more about the content.

There is so much content on Reddit that it is overwhelming and hard to navigate.

Reddit has it’s own jargon. Where Pinterest users go in looking for a certain topic. Whether it be inspiration for their wedding, a new recipe, or how to wear mint colored pants.

Reddit has a strong sense of community.

Both sites are about finding things and sharing them. Pinterest uses recycled images, things that already exist while Reddit uses content created by the users. On Pinterest folks are re-posting photos. Gathering and organizing them in their own way. And on Reddit it’s original content.

Both websites serve different purposes. On Pinterest you are required to make an account. They want you to follow people and have friends. They want you to gather photos and organize them and share them with the world. And on Reddit you are not required to make an account or follow people. Content is available for everyone to see.

Pinterest is more grandma friendly.


Hierarchy:  4

Navigation: 6

Aesthetics: 5

User Experience: 8


Hierarchy:  7

Navigation: 8

Aesthetics: 8

User Experience: 8


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