She May Be Pretty But She’ll Rip Your Heart Out with Bad Usability

This site apparently has a title (“On Toyota’s Mind”), which is probably supposed to explain the beautiful mess that’s happening in the middle of the home page.

"On Toyota's Mind", or perhaps more fittingly, "The Brain of a Schizophrenic Nature Lover"

“On Toyota’s Mind”, or perhaps more fittingly, “The Brain of a Schizophrenic Nature Lover”

But the problem is, that thing doesn’t really look like a brain. And even if it did, what do brains have to do with cars? Confusing concept, totally uncool.

There’s not a traditional navigation system, just a row of completely arbitrary (from what I can tell) numbers along the BOTTOM of the page. The numbers have hover state messages that mean nothing to me.

There is nothing that explains to us, the dear users, what the heck this weird site is even for. There’s no, like, point–or function-for the user, aside “learning more about Toyota”. It’s a thinly-veiled ad and it’s pretty boring once you’ve heard the fish plopping sound more than about 3 times.

Speaking of sound, the volume button is TINY, along with all of the text. It’s almost impossible to see; I was about to pull my hair out from the sound effects (and the fact that there was no volume control!) when I finally found it. BIGGER TEXT PLEASE, my eyes are old.

The brain: this thing is weird. It doesn’t let you know what parts of it are clickable and it doesn’t behave consistently when you do end up clicking somewhere. The numbers correspond in a completely random way to the objects “on the mind” and I had trouble figuring out why they were numbered at all.

This is the tool tip thing.

This is the tool tip thing.

Sometimes when you click the brain, a tool tip pops up and tells you about that section. Other times when you click it, some “mental fog” (?!?) rolls in and whisks you into a lightbox that ONLY closes when you find the (tiny) “exit” link.

Everything is super slow to load. I saw this more than anything else on the site:

Loading... Loading.... Loading

Loading… Loading…. Loading

And I’m not sure where, but at some point there were a bunch of fingertip people that really creeped me out.
All in all this site is pretty terrible. I think its absolute biggest flaw is that it really serves no purpose except empty fluff advertising space, and it does a terrible job of hiding that fact!


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