Successful Designer Not So Successful Website


Marc Eckō

Marc Eckō is the founder of a billion dollar global fashion and lifestyle company named after himself, Marc Eckō. He is a fashion designer, entrepreneur, investor, artist and philanthropist however his website (although it tries) does not reflect all of this.

1.  Diggin’ For Gold

There is too much to look at that one doesn’t know where to begin. There are lots of links and lots of images. There is tons of good information on his website, but it will take some time to find the exact information you are looking for, unfortunately.

2.  No Hierarchy

There is no hierarchy. When I first landed on the website I wasn’t directed to what I was supposed to click on first. And well yes, freedom is nice. in this case though, it was overwhelming.

3.  Limited User Control Over Scrolling

The interaction is not one-hundred percent responsive on the landing page. The horizontal scrolling feature on the landing page is bizarre. Taking screenshots was hard enough. More than anything, it was frustrating because the content would shift from place to place as I scrolled over the page to select the area of what I wanted to screenshot.


4.  Hovers vs. No Hovers

There are no hovers on the images of his work but there are hovers in the footer. This seemed odd to me since the footer is less important than the images. The images (his work) should be the most import content of the website.

5.  No Coherency Between Links in Nav and Images

The white links that are on the top center underneath the home button don’t relate to the images below in any coherent way. Yes the links make note of what we are seeing below like how there is a white link for graffiti up top and we see the graffiti image further down.

6.  No Order Of Links

The links are in one order and the images in another. The white links begin with his Cut & Sew Fall Holiday collection and the images begin with the Fight For Your Rights campaign. That is, if you’re looking at the images from left to right.

7.  The Placement of the Home Link is odd

Next to Marc’s Logo you find the home link. I don’t like the placement of the link. I feel as though the designer should have spent more time thinking about other placement possibilities for the button. It just feels awkward to me. Especially since when you click on the links below the home link they take you to other websites, you never see the home button again. Maybe those links should open in new tabs instead of directing you to other websites.

8.  Missing Favicon

The website doesn’t even have a favicon, which I don’t know about you guys, but it bothers me when websites don’t have favicons. Favicons are extremely important for site recognition and branding. I was shocked that this website did not include one. Especially because of how successful Marc Ecko and his brand have become.

9.  Hard To Read Text
This is never a good thing. The text in the footer is crammed together which makes it hard to read. It needs more kerning. The text in the About Me also needs some work. It’s not pleasant to read.


10.  Broken Links & Old Links
There are some broken links on the site which is no bueno. The Press link on the upper right hand corner is broken. And the Shop Ecko button (also on the right hand corner) needs to be updated.

broken link needs-updating


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