That BAD Website!



EDIT: Forgot to include the URL!

Oh my, where to begin… I should say that I did cheat (a little) and found a list of bad UX websites, and this was just so bad it would have been a crime to NOT post about it!

1) The front page runs on flash, so that sucks for anyone who doesn’t have flash installed! This includes their mobile version!

2) It’s somewhat confusing on what the user is intended to click on. You will see that the clickable items show up in color on hover, but since there are also other non-clickable items that “move” it’s not immediately obvious what you’re supposed to be looking at.

3) Once you click on something it opens up a pop-up bubble thing with the link. It doesn’t immediately open to the important item in a new tab.

4) When the pop-up bubble is open, the only way to close it is to click on the X. You can’t click anywhere to close.

5) This is more my personal experience, but Flash crashed while I was clicking around and thus also crashed my browser. Niiiiiiice…..

6) Has to load the front page all at once, bad for people like me with really shitty internet connection speeds.

7) There are no other pages to this domain, all links refer to pages on other domains.

8) When you click on “The Team”, and then click on an image, it doesn’t lead to any kind of profile or info about the person, just to a business domain. What?!

9) When I clicked on “Mobile Site” it brought up a forbidden page.

10) Girl’s face on the bottom left opened a speech bubble that I couldn’t read nor could I close it. I had to refresh the page to access anything else.

And for a bonus, I couldn’t pass this up:

11) On a separate site domain that opened up:

“We are brand strategists specializing in interactive touchpoints” haha the irony


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