This is Jim Carrey’s fan website I guess: q823yrhaihdskjfhb

Prepare yourselves, it’s random as hell.


1. Overwhelming amount of Motion / Movement / Sound / Image


There was so much going on here with the background noise and all of the collage objects moving it was crazy to initially know what this website was even for….I thought I just entered a video game or something.

2. Navigation was 10th-dary in the Hierarchy World…

Honestly didn’t even notice the nav until I had almost clicked all the moving things on screen. So the hierarchy could be a lot better especially since it is living at the bottom of the page.

3. Misleading Interactions

At first you assume that anything that is “moving” will have an interactive reaction, based on the sounds and motions. However, only some of the 50+ objects on page that move actually do something…the ones that are clickable aren’t clear what exactly their purpose is…I get that the art work and chaos of the collaged images/objects are suppose to be completely over the top random but this website could be a lot more successful and maybe even funny if the user had some insight on why things were doing what they did or maybe a hover state that let you know before you click it.

4. Oh Canada is the background music

In one of the other worlds/links Canada is the theme I guess among all the other chaotic things happening on the page.

5. Misleading Nav Elements


I accidentally clicked one of the side arrows while clicking around (they are kind of hard to see) and it took me to the next page/world of Jim Carrey with out any warning. I guess they are another way to navigate with out clicking the titled links at the bottom of the page…they look a little out of context.

6. “Show Play” Button


I thought that this button was a reference to me playing a video game so I was a little bit confused…so I clicked it and apparently it means play a video clip. Okay.

7. Creepy Bird with Jim Carrey Head


The bird with his head on it is one of the first things I clicked. It appears on every page/world and literally spits out words from it’s mouth while making screeching noises. The words are pretty random and don’t mean much, when you click him it takes you to the twitter page. How could I have not seen that coming?

8. Random Interactions

Like I said before how there was a ton of movement and objects to click, a lot of them don’t do any interactions they just move around. There is a ton of things happening all at once, it’s a tad much as there is already visually a lot happening. One of the extra movements that kind of takes away from a headless camera man that had antlers attached to his neck pops out about every 40 seconds and “takes a picture” of you. After a while the predictability of it all get to be boring or annoying, they give you every thing at once and then you burn out quick.

9. Labeling Nav Links

The nav links were already hard to figure out when I couldn’t see them but now that I’m reading them they are labeled kind of strange. Like “Origins” is different then the one labeled “Biography”….so what does “origins” mean? Then there’s “TV” and “Truelife” but I though “Truelife” was TV? So overall confusing when it come to anything that involves the nav.

10. The Randomness


I’m not the biggest Jim Carrey fan but I could tell that a lot of the characters were quoting things from his movies and things but then there was a ton of extra crap everywhere so I wasn’t sure what was actually in a movie and what was just made up for his website. Also not sure what age group this was suppose to target, there was a lot of things that seemed appropriate for a younger crowd but then inappropriate for a younger crowd.


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