Your site makes me feel better about myself Hyperbubble.

Screen Shot 2013-10-03 at 12.44.33 AM10 reasons this site helped boost my self esteem… Also where it could use some or a lot of work.

1.   You lose the nav bar at the top of the page on every page after the home page.

2.   It took me quite a bit of time to find out what exactly I was looking at here. The news page is where I found an add that hinted at this group being a synthpop or electropop band. Still not really sure which it is but I don’t know the differences in the two.

3.   The images they use in the home page slideshow are either poorly photoshopped or just terrible quality.

4.   Their media page consists of a few header looking icon things that look like they are supposed to mean something but I couldn’t figure it out.

5.   Continuing on the media page, they have links under the header things that are completely unstylized and once clicked on they take you to another page that has a random picture on it followed by more links.

6.   Like most of the pages there are vast amounts of terribly wasted white space on the shop page.

7.   Now onto the shop page, like most of the pages there is no direction to the information. They just throw text describing a product and images of the product together and put set of little PayPal  buttons to buy the product.

8.   The news page consists of a generic twitter feed box. Below that there is a centered stack of images for concerts/appearances the band as already been to or are planning to be at (again terrible use of white space).

9.   Their contact page is linked boxes that allow you to visit their Facebook, Twitter, Reverbnation pages as well as send an email to them. All of these link boxes could be very easily missed judged as just being designs instead of buttons (at least they all worked).


Over all this site looks terrible and is pretty much a nightmare to navigate through. At least they kinda keep their site’s art work sorta consistant (I didn’t say good). I know there are worse sites but I couldn’t pass up HYPERBUBBLE.


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