Six Degrees of Rocks & Minerals

I’m taking Geology this term and thought it would be fun to try the first project based on rocks and minerals. There is a lot of info associated with these and it will be challenging but I’ll have plenty of resources to help…plus, I can use the geology lab to take pictures of some of the different minerals/rocks if needed…plus they are pretty.

Here’s my moodboard:

Sullivan Minerals Moodboard

Here’s an outline of the info I’ll be categorizing in three ways 1) Images of all the rocks with details 2) A flowchart based design for identifying rocks and minerals (minerals flowchart not shown but similar to rocks) and if there’s time 3) a game where the player has to travel around the world and find minerals within a time frame and trade them in at the end…but I may or may not have time for part 3.

minerals_hw1-01 minerals_hw1-02 minerals_hw1-03


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