Kill Bill



For my project I wanted to focus on the characters and their relationships in Kill Bill Volume 1 & 2. I am still at a loss for how I would like to map the information out, but because the timeline in Kill Bill is pretty confusing, I think that I would like to play with a timeline and map idea. The movies are separated into chapters, which really don’t mean anything so it might be fun to break down those chapters and move them into the correct chronological order. The illustrations will be flat style illustrations with each character having a character symbol that represents them. Since the RZA is responsible for the soundtrack, I would like to incorporate that into the graphics as well, even though each killing scene doesn’t necessarily have a song associated with it.




Another idea for the find the character you relate to could also be based on the soundtrack, like which song is for you. A rhizome set-up gets a little confusing because of the amount of characters, but could possibly work for showing large and fluctuating amounts of information. Most characters are related to Bill and the bride, and it might be kind of fun to kill the characters off after you click on them. Maybe the rhizome could only relate the deadly viper assassins and then when you click into each member, their relating characters would come up.



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