P1/ Let’s go on a hike!

Take this quick hiking quiz to find out what hikes are in your area and which one to go on based on user’s hiking objectives!

Considering two types of mapping the data:

– Narrative Flow Chart for the quiz

-Visual Map of hiking rout for results/answer of quiz

Two types of illustration/visual style:

– Origami Vector Style

origami style

– clean, flat, textured, vector Style

flat vector

Five different hiking locations near user’s location (Portland, OR)

-Multnoma Falls

-South Sister Summit

-Mt. Hood via South Side

-Ten Falls Canyon Trail

-Pittock Mansion

Six levels of information:

1) What kind of hike should I go on?

-Quick Hike

-Half Day Hike

-All Day Hike

-Hiking/Backpacking/Camping Multi-Day

2) Main Goals of Hike (choose all that apply)

-scenic (waterfalls, mountainous, nature, animals)



-some fresh air

-dog hiking

3) Exercise Levels (Incline)




4) Results/Outcome of quiz

Would you be interested in hiking Multnuma Falls?

-6.7 miles, half day hike

-good for groups, kids, dogs

-incline level

-2 hours 20 min @ 4 miles an hour

-see map

-view similar hiking trails

5) Hiking Checklist (based on length of hike/duration)


-dry food

-first aid kit

-pocket knife



6) Map of trail


-rest area




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