Six Degrees of Royal Tenenbaums

The Royal Tenenbaums has very distinct handful characters that all have different interactions with each other. Cataloguing this interactions and relationships could prove to be meaningful way to show the depth of my favorite Wes Anderson film.

131008_Visual Style

Since each character iconic in their own way, I thought that sticking with a very icon, yet illustrative based style would be fitting for the character. A much more muted color pallet would be most fitting for Wes Anderson’s style. For typography, Futura Bold would obviously be the best choice for dialing in a very Wes Anderson interactive design.


Direction 1:

For my first direction I chose to explore showing interactions between characters through a Rhizome. This would show how each character is interlinked with each other and the extent of their relationship. Distances could show how closely involved each character is within each others’ lives. Taping on an icon would open up more information on each character and along with related characters.


Direction 2:

The Royal Tenenbaums is a very location based movie with most of the movie revolving around the Tenenbaum house. Showing each character within an internal view of the house would be a fitting way to visually show each character’s personality through their environment rather than through text alone. This would give users the sense of exploration as they moved throughout the house.

131008_Map1 131008_Map2


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