Six Degrees of Seinfeld

I chose to do the six degrees of my favorite TV show Seinfeld.

In relation to a site I made for 341, it will concentrate on the (fictional) businesses and companies from the show to help you find a place to work.

Questions the app will answer:

– What place of work is best suited for you (in relation to your skills/interests)

– What Seinfeld character you’re most likely to work with.

– Information on place of work/character

– Chances you have of being hired (%)

– What field of work you should avoid

How I categorized the info:

– By job category (6)
– Jobs in relation to the four main characters

Target audience:
(Unemployed) Seinfeld fans




– flow chart: your quick answers will guide you to the perfect job

– quiz: similar to a personality match quiz, it will use the information you answered from the multiple choice questions and find the jobs best/least suited for you.


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