Star Wars – Knights of the Old Republic

So I want to make an app revolving around the events that happen in Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC box ...

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic PC box cover (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like the idea that we talked about in class is the user having some choice over the events, like in the game. Maybe reflecting real choices that you have in the game and what paths that happen to you while playing the game.

I think I’d still like to have some history from the beginning, so the user could explore a bit too, but maybe once we get to the point where the game starts you could have a bit of an interactive game of what choice to make and how it effects the timeline before you. The different choices may kill certain characters or destroy certain planets – or change the result of some war.

I found this info graphic for pulp fiction which really inspired some of my ideas for my timeline, the way you can see characters interacting with events in time.


Maybe it would be better to follow the path of one character.

I want to include some main aspects of the game such as when certain characters die, when a character becomes good or evil, relationships between the characters and history points of important events that happened between them.  I’d like to include most of the choices you have in the game, including being able to choose your gender and that directly would effect what happens in the relationships.

I’ll be using wookieepedia as my reference for this, it’s crazy large. If you want an idea check out this link: and take a look at all the character bios.

Not sure if I want to do the whole metaseries with comic books or not, it gives some good back story about the characters before they were famous that I find interesting but I’m not sure the rest of the population would.


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