The Bugs are Back…!

Okay, so some of you may know that I have done quite a few projects that involved bugs. Well… I might be adding one more to my list! I did a project on Cicadas last year and I don’t feel that it lived up to it’s full potential. I also kept thinking that I needed to do something interactive with all the information I gathered, but I never did. So I am going to use this project as my opportunity to turn an old project into something better and interactive.


The title of this app will be “Friends with Bugs” and the purpose will be to highlight the fun/interesting/not so creepy things about bugs while teaching the user (most likely children/teens) the facts vs. common misconceptions about certain creepy crawlers. There are a few different components I would like to include…

1) Bug Anatomy: Detailed images of the bug showing the different parts and pieces that make it complete (i.e. head, abdomen, thorax, wings) Interactive Opportunity: The user could tap on different parts of the bug to zoom in, dissect and analyze in detail.

2) Bug Location & Map: Shows where the bugs live, their habitat, how they survive, predators, etc. Interactive Opportunity: Maybe drag and drop to feed the bug, having choices of incorrect food and correct food to choose from,  teaching the user what they eat. An added layer could be choosing from likely predators that would eat that specific bug as well.

3) Unique Characteristics: Something about the bug that makes them different from other bugs (i.e. sound, color, history/associated with fables)

4) Recipes: This shows how they can be useful to our health! Animals eat them, and people can too. Recipes high in protein for all types of bugs.

5) Interactive Game: I still have a little more brainstorming to do on this one, but I want to include some type of game where the user has to decipher between fact and fiction, choosing the correct answer when prompted with a supposed fact about the bug.

I want to use heavy illustrations for this app. If this were to be a real app, I picture it starting out with only a small amount of bugs to explore at first. Then there would be periodic updates to the app where a new bug would be added to explore, maybe even replacing old ones to keep the current version of the app simple.


more to come…


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