What’s your favorite multi-national corporation up to?

Interactive Infographic on tablet and online, illustration style and interface inspired by Good magazine and Wired.


Clear, informative, clever, comedic.

Corporation Bio Page with mission statement, how long they’ve been around, bad things they do, images of corporation, where they’re located on a map.

Which is your favorite multi-national corporation?
What is your favorite muti-national corporation doing for you?
What do they do for you? (present all of the good and bad using pros and cons list, be sarcastic).

Corporation anatomy (exploded diagram of departments within and what each corporation does).
Unique characteristics about each corporation.
Map out major pharmaceutical, agriculture, food corporations (viewer can then click to explore the corporation of their choice)
Mapping of connections (relationships) to interest groups/senators, committees, lobbyists.
Mapping of relationships to other large corporations.
Timeline of laws that have been passed with their funding to benefit them.
CEOS (or other job titles) of company that are now members of related committees
List of all of the companies products, and which smaller companies they have swallowed up along their road to the top.

Monsanto, Tyson, Exon Mobil or BP, Pfizer


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