Pokemon Walking app Questionaire


What do you want to get out of your project?

Out of this project I would like to be able to create an experience where multiple users can interact and have fun with something they all have in common with. That is, they all can build experiences around their favorite Pokemon characters inside of the city/neighborhood they all share and love.

What do your users want to get out of your project?

I would like users to be able to share and talk about their favorite experiences using the app. I want them to build friendships, rivalries, and have a chance to bring in the artificiality of Pokemon into their real world space.

Who are your users?

Those who have grown up with the games/television program and would like to have a newer, modern approach to getting back into the game they loved.

People in their 20’s to early 30’s who want a little more sophisticated approach to Pokemon.

Those who can make decisions for themselves.

How would you measure the success of your project?

If users can share, and build experiences and connections to Pokemon on a city-wide level, then that would be successful. If I can build a framework that allows this to be possible, then that would definitely be a success.


How can you divide your content into categories?

The categories for Pokemon themselves can be broken down into their respectable energy type, their attitude and personality, their habits and their affection towards the owner.

The app itself can be broken into three modes, the Pokedex, The Game mode, and a Friends/Battle mode. Each will have unique features. Stems from this idea of Personal/Friend/World approach.

What sort of meta information can unite some or all of the content

Does your structure facilitate exploration?

Yes, because I am seeing this as a walking app, users will explore a vast map of locations where interaction can occur.

For the UI itself, users can explore an array of features that range from searching for Pokemon, filtering Pokemon and finding areas to trade/battle/catch Pokemon.

Would your structure support only 5 people? 100 people? 1 million?

I could see this support up to 1 million registered users, but perhaps no more than 100-100 on screen at any given time. Meaning there might be 1 million users using the app, but maybe they live in Tokyo, Chicago, Amsterdam, or Dead Horse Alaska (google it). Depending on where you live will reveal those around you. (New York is huge so there might be thousands online near you, Dead Horse is tiny and so you might be the only one). ;_;


What sort of functionality would your project need to be successful?

easy navigation between three modes of use (Pokedex, Game mode, and Friends mode). Simple point and click controls for finding names and locations. A central button to return users to a home page. Simple search bar typing (auto-correct).

What functionality would be nice to have?

Swiping things left and right to open and close menus. Being able to move the map around and set waypoints. Zooming in and out of the map could be nice.

What is the primary content of your site?

Being able to navigate a city and catch pokemon. That and being able to find Pokemon that are most compatible to you. The app/game is really about how your personality matches the pokemon you have. Almost everything else is secondary. (like doing battle).

What is the supplemental content?

This would be posting things to Facebook, or Twitter. Inviting people to trade or battle. Viewing other player’s trainer cards. Pokedex.


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