Adventure Time UX Design Survey and User Flows



  1. What do you want to get out of your project?
    I would like users to have a fun experience finding out which Adventure Time character they are most similar to and how that character relates to others.
  2. What do your users want to get out of your project?
    A fun time sink that allows them to learn more about themselves and their favorite cartoon!
  3. Who are your users?
    Kids, teenagers, adults! Anyone who enjoys Adventure Time and is interested in playing around with an app related to it.
  4. How would you measure the success of your project?
    By how interactive it is and how differently people can experience it. If it were to become real, I’d probably measure it in downloads and shares on social media. I’d personally like this app to be really fun and colorful and illustrative just like the cartoon its based on!


  1. How can you divide your content into categories?
    Content categories would be characters relationships, homes, attitudes (good, evil, and somewhere in between?), maybe their race/species. There will be a character quiz as well as possibly a rhizome sort of relationship map.
  2. What sort of meta information can unite some or all of the content?
    It will be a mix of personality traits for the character quiz as well as character interactions for both aspects.
  3. Does your structure facilitate exploration?
    Definitely. Not only will you be able to take a quiz and see your results change in real time, you will also be able to explore the relationships in the rhizome by selecting specific people and highlighting their relationships.
  4. Would your structure support only 5 people? 100 people? 1 million?
    I would hope for thousands of people, it shouldn’t have any problem supporting as many people as there would be interested in trying it out.


  1. What sort of functionality would your project need to be succesful?
    I’d like this to be a tablet and phone app, so I would need touch for sure, maybe also dragging/panning.
  2. What functionality would be nice to have?
    I’d like there to be swiping, touch and drag and zooming.
  3. What is the primary content of your site?
    The relationships between all of the characters in Adventure Time.
  4. What is the supplemental content?
    How you yourself stack up to the characters in Adventure time, or who you would be if you lived in the Land of Ooo.


User Flows


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