1. What do you want to get out of your project?
    • I would like to get a better understanding about how to design simplified while displaying information is a clear way.
  2. What do your users want to get out of your project?
    • A simple way to find out door activities around a specific area based of filtration of their criteria.
  3. Who are your users?
    • People who are interested in exploring, adventuring, and discovering things in nature
  4. How would you measure the success of your project?
    • If the user can understand the icons and the layout of the mapping the first time while using the interface.


  1. How can you divide your content into categories?
    • The over arching theme of my app is Out Door Pursuits, the focus for this project will be on various hiking around the Portland area. The five hikes them selves are separate, the filtering will categorize them by the user’s criteria.
  2. What sort of meta information can unite some or all of the content?
    • Uniting specific hikes with others will be based of the filtering. For example, if someone is trying to see waterfalls it will highlight/map out the hikes that meet that filter. There will be general categorize as well as a search bar for more specific narrowing such as all the hikes that are known for having the “blue tailed fox.”
  3. Does your structure facilitate exploration?
    • Yes, the filter/key menu will spike interest in the user to see what else could possibly by included in their hike. “Oh, what kind of animals are known in this area…? I will click and see..” Once they see the menu that falls under “animals.”
  4. Would your structure support only 5 people? 100 people? 1 million?
    • 1 million, this app would work based on people’s locations and what is in the user’s area such as google maps, but specifically for out door activities.


  1. What sort of functionality would your project need to be successful?
    • Making the options easy to understand and quick to use.
  2. What functionality would be nice to have?
    • Clear direction that directs the user while he/she still has control. Seamless interface, and a helpful user experience.
  3. What is the primary content of your site?
    • Mapping out the layouts of the hikes and displaying the one’s that fall under a specific filter.
  4. What is the supplemental content?
    • The categories from the filtering.

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