Strategy Survery: What is your favorite multinational corporation up to?

  1. What do you want to get out of your project?
    I would like to get a finished design for an interactive infographic in the form of an app so that I could later code to make a fully functional end product that I can include in my portfolio. I want to push my illustration skills as well as my understanding of interfaces so that I can create a well thought out experience.
  2. What do your users want to get out of your project?
    My users want to learn about multinational corporations like Monsanto and Pfizer. My users want to know how they manage to find loopholes, or create them, to operate in the way that they do. My users want to know how these corporations send government organizations, such as the FDA, to court and win.
  3. Who are your users?
    My users are both politically aware and government skeptics. They are conspiracy theorists, students, farmers, mothers, fathers, environmentalists, activists, people who feel as if they’ve been wronged by large multinational companies. My users are up to date on current events, and intellectuals.
  4. How would you measure the success of your project?
    I would measure the success of my project by managing to keep my users interested, entertained, and informed. If the interactive app is shared, by social media or word of mouth, and inspires the users to do something to help regulate these corporations, whether that is signing petitions, attending protests, or donating money or time to organizations that help to regulate these corporations, then I view it as successful.


  1. How can you divide your content into categories?
    Four topics are covered, pharmeceutical, food, agriculture, and petroleum. That is further divided into a pros and cons list of each corporation, history, and relationship to eachother, government officials, and lobbyists.
  2. What sort of meta information can unite some or all of the content?
    International corporations, economy, exporting, goods.
  3. Does your structure facilitate exploration?
    Yes, the corporations will be shown on a global map to show where they operate and how many locations are in each country. When clicked a list will pop up to show where exactly the location is within each country. This part of the app is non-linear, the user is free to click around where ever they please.
  4. Would your structure support only 5 people? 100 people? 1 million?
    I imagine that it could support a million people, but I guess that depends on the server. However app won’t be too code heavy as it is not an online game where groups of people would gather and play together and does not feature too many elements. It is an illustration with a couple of simple (I hope) interactions.


  1. What sort of functionality would your project need to be succesful?
    It would have to have naturally feeling swipes gestures, visual indicators to show when to swipe and in which direction, pop up windows with information, scrolling windows for content and graphics.
  2. What functionality would be nice to have?
     Animations, integrated video playback so viewer does not have to go to a separate application to watch content.
  3. What is the primary content of your site?
    Text and visuals. Company histories, biographies, pros vs cons lists, relationships to each other and government officials / lobyists. Graphics would be used to make information more friendly and fun.
  4. What is the supplemental content?
    Sharing the app or information in the app on social media sites, giving information to protests or to donate.

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