UX Design Strategy: Friends with Bugs


  1. What do you want to get out of your project?
    An engaging app that has an interesting and memorable user experience with interactions that make the user feel like they are actually touching, hearing and interacting with real bugs. Since this project is inspired on a past project, I hope to use them together. I want this app to be an expansion of the bug kit I already have.
  2. What do your users want to get out of your project?
    I hope that this is an app that creates a positive interest in bugs and shows people that bugs don’t have to be scary/creepy/gross, but they can also be kind of cool.
  3. Who are your users?
    I will mostly be targeting this app towards children/teens.
  4. How would you measure the success of your project?
    If this were to become a real app, I would measure the success on usability. Is it easy to navigate? Does it make sense? Do things move the way you expect them to? Success could also have to do with practicality. What is the point of this app and why would people have an interest in using it? Also if it had any affect on how they thought of bugs!


  1. How can you divide your content into categories?
    The categories I want to work with are: Dissect (learning the anatomy of the bug), Locate (habitat, specific location where they live), Investigate (learn about characteristics that are unique to specific bug), Cook (bug recipes for people!), and Understand (telling the difference between fact and fiction).
  2. What sort of meta information can unite some or all of the content?
    Maybe the map showing where the bugs live. This could be presented like a food chain, showing what they eat, what eats them and how they survive in certain conditions.
  3. Does your structure facilitate exploration?
    Definitely! Dissecting bugs and learning about their anatomy, exploring their habitat, exploring facts via games.
  4. Would your structure support only 5 people? 100 people? 1 million?
    It probably would have to have a reasonable limit to how many people (bugs) there would be, otherwise it would be really overwhelming for the user to have to choose one to explore.
  5. Scope
    1. What sort of functionality would your project need to be successful?
      I’m thinking that this app will need some sort of menu that users can refer to in order to organize all the content. Choosing an item from the menu would decide how you are interacting with the bug.
    2. What functionality would be nice to have?
      I would like to be able to zoom in on different parts of the bug as the user is “dissecting” it so they can see more in depth the different pieces of the bug.
    3. What is the primary content of your site?
      Learning about characteristics specific to a bug of your choice. Anatomy and habitat.
    4. What is the supplemental content?
      Facts and info, bug recipes.

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