Six Degrees // Sketches, Wireframes, Moodboards

Was having a bit of trouble clarifying this mineral idea so I tried a mind map and thought of ways minerals relate to each other:

mindmap_sullivan     questions_sullivan

Next were the six sketches:

sketches001_sullivan sketches002_sullivan sketches003_sullivan

After doing the sketches I started coming up with a concept for the project based on the idea of collecting and trading rocks/minerals. It’s an app where people can log in to their account and create known versions of minerals or make up new versions based on the classes of minerals, the elements that make up minerals, the colors of minerals, etc.

Once the user creates their mineral concoction, the app takes them to a screen with a sphere (their mix is inside). On this screen they can shake the ipad to mix the minerals, tilt to the left, tilt to the right, pinch to add pressure and tap to increase heat, tap twice to decrease heat. Once they are done, they can swipe the screen to cut open the sphere and reveal the new mineral inside. These can be added to their collection, labeled, etc.

The user can then connect with other people who are part of the mineral project and trade their minerals with each other and share formulas. Each mineral is created with math/programming so they are all different and each user has a different experience. Detailed mineral connections/relations will be shown in the mineral library through minerals with the same colors, cleavage (underlying geometry of mineral and how it breaks), and the class (oxides, sulfides, silicates, etc.).

Wireframes for direction 01:

wireframe001a_sullivan wireframe001b_sullivan

Wireframes for direction 02:


And the moodboards…I did two versions—one with vector based art/design and the other with more photography based art/design. I couldn’t decide on a direction because both would be fun:




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