Sketchboards/Moodboards Wireframes Yada yada




With my mood boards I looked a lot at how video games were doing interfaces and interesting and different ways that I might be able to put that into my application. I also found that I might want to use Franklin gothic because it matches up with the iconic font from the word scrolling at the beginning of the star wars movies.


sketch1 sketch2

I ended up doing more than six sketchboards because it was really helping me to think through it all.



In my wireframes I nailed down the concept of how to represent eras (what events were going on during the KOTOR events – might coincide with what the characters are doing). I thought a lot about how to show mass amounts of information and how to introduce new characters along the timeline.

In the second wireframe I took a vertical approach to the timeline. I thought it might be important to have event ‘nodes’ which could be little orbs you could click on down the timeline to explain what was going on in that peroid. Also,  the way the game is divided up into different planets throughout the game. I thought it would be important to include those as parts of the timeline and might unify and separate different sections of the game.


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