Hero or Villain App Moodboards and 6 Rough UI sketches



This mood board shows elements I would like to draw from for the UI build of my app. Luckily super hero apps are not in short supply so I was able to find plenty of inspiration from those alone. These show elements of menus and boards for character information that I will use for hints on how to build this app. These also include great base for the type inspiration for my app.




This board displays the illustration styles I hope to incorporate into my work. The icon illustration is going to be a great resource for the rhizome I build. A few of these images are concepts I think will work really well with loading screens and as backgrounds to menus away from the rhizome maps.



*These are designed for and iPad

So my 6 sketches here don’t change immensely between each other but I was having serious trouble coming up with drastically different designs. These are all supposed to illustrate the same place or screen in my app. As I went I realized I needed more and more elements to help the user be able to navigate from this page and within it as well. I want the user to be able to clear the screen of all the menu type things so they can see the rhizome best when they want to. So that is why I’m using the sliding tray jobbies everywhere. The last sketch is vertical and I think it is my favorite so I will be doing  my 2 sets of in depth wireframes on that one and second to last one.


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