10/17 Comps Progress

There’s tons of illustration work to do, but I’m just trying to get the basic layout and UI planned out before I start devoting time to illustrating the entire thing. You’ll see lots of placeholders throughout these comps. I think something that’s necessary for me to focus on soon is a zero/blank state page. I realized last class that there wasn’t much of an introduction to the app.

Homepage/Character Selection
Present is the character selection menu along with the timeline.

Character Bio
A “hover” is shown here with the desaturated red which would have the type pop up when the user holds down on the button. The white placeholder circles are for attribute icons. A way to get from this page back to the homepage would be useful and something that I’ll explore soon.

When on the relationships page, the user can view a rhizome of character interactions.

Family Tree
131017_Family Tree
Viewing the family tree has similar options to the Rhizome, however it shows data in a different way than between character interactions.

Character Comparison
The character comparison page can be easily accessed either through the rhizome or the family tree and will allow to visually compare characters. From here, the user can click on whichever character they’d like to move on to.


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