P2 // Flea Markets around the World Finding App

I want to have fun with this app so it’s going to be about something I enjoy (going to flea markets/markets where/whenever I’ve traveled). It’s also an app I would use and wish I had available when traveling. Basically, you can sort by country/city and find the flea markets or open air markets in those places. I want the look and feel to be like Afar magazine but will work that out later. What’s different about this app? It will have a modern look/design. It will list markets around the world instead of just the US or one country. People will be able to upload their pics when they visit those markets so other people can look at them and see if they want to go there. There will also be a rating system for users to rate the markets they attend (5 star awesome stuff/1 star pure crap).

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Here’s one app I found STUFFLE


This one is more of an ebay type listing app which isn’t really what I want. I want my app to make people get out and be a part of the world and travel instead of just sitting on their butts and looking at stuff.

Here’s another one I found FLEA MARKET FINDER


I’ve downloaded this app and the concept is kind of what I’m thinking but the visuals are lacking in their app…as in there aren’t any. None.

And another FLEA MARKETS


They only list markets in the US and the visuals are also lacking.

And the last one I found SHPOCK


This is more like an app for finding yard sales and I just want to stick to markets.


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