Fly for cheap app

So the weather is changing and I’ve been thinking about travelling. Looking through all of the cheap flight + hotel apps has been a bit of an unsatisfactory experience. A lot of them are very useful but I’ve found that I want to plan my trip around when the flights are cheapest, not around the time that I want to go.

So it would be interesting to have an app that tracks flight prices for the destination you want to go, shows typical ticket price patterns throughout the year and suggests a date depending on that. Also it would be nice to have a feature where you can say, “ok so tickets might reach this price at some point in the year – email me if they reach this price.”

Why is this important to bring to a mobile environment, you ask? Well when we bring in hotel + airbnb deals when we are travelling it comes in handy not to have to lug around a computer if we decide we want to stay somewhere else tomorrow night because our hotel is infested with cockroaches.



Google flights has a good example of a graph that you can see when flight prices are what months in advance. But it would be nice to get an idea if that’s the lowest possible that they can go.



Priceline was one of the apps I looked at because it gives some insider view of what prices people have gotten for their flights when they made a chance. Priceline has an interesting function to begin with with the make your own bid on prices. You have to have some idea of the ballpark for this to work but I’ve gotten 5 star hotels for 50ish $ a night. But I had to go through a 3rd party forum to know what bids I should be making.




Kayak is a highly respected travel app. I noticed they had a notify of price change option on their mobile app screen.



Groupon is a good example too because it shows flights/packages that fly out of other cities, not just your city so the deals exist but you have to figure out how to get to the city that you fly out of. Why isn’t there a flight app that includes groupon deals and could connect you with the cheapest flight to attain those deals?



Hipmunk has some interesting features such as certain hotels that are ‘verified’, and ‘heat maps’ for areas of the city where more stuff is going on. So if you are travelling and are unfamiliar with a city you have an idea where you should be hanging out to find cool stuff.


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