Guitar Chord Book App

Hey everyone, so I’ve been thinking about designing a really neat and useful guitar chord app. It will showcase all of the possible guitar chords and scales in an easy to use way. I would like to have a skeuomorphic design where you get to see a realistic fret board. I would also like to have buttons for a chord look-up dictionary and a button that can favorite chords and another one that is a built in guitar tuner. The App would house both a complete chord book and a library of favorited chords. As a stretch goal I also would like to mock-up a “song-builder” where you can string together chords and play along to lyrics that you can either make, or download from an online source. This is the app of guitar apps — but presented in a way that is not over-the-top (like the Chord! app below).


There are thousands of these kind of apps!!!! These apps range from very simple to over-the-top complex. I want to be somewhere in between. Overall I want it to have a neat design to it. Most of these apps online are built cheaply and with either minimal UI, or poor design. They merely get the job done. I don’t want to just “get the job done”. I want to literally close the book on it and make one that is head and shoulders above the rest. I mean—with so much out there—I pretty much have to. Otherwise it would just get lost in a sea of guitar apps.

Without further ado, here are some apps online (ranging anywhere from good to bad):


Is a comprehensive guitar chord and scale book for guitarists. That’s about all it does.

What it has:

  • Chords and Scales
  • Visually show multiple variations of chords
  • Easy to use
  • You can listen to the chord.


  • Not searchable, you have to thumb through from 3 categories.
  • No favoriting for storing chords you like. You have to keep going back to them.
  • No built in tuner. (Very simple app).
  • Fretboard is small, so could get hard to read.

JamBox Light Chords & Scales - screenshotJamBox Light Chords & Scales - screenshot


This is an unbelievably comprehensive chord and scale app that covers multiple instruments.

Some of the pros:

  • Complete set-up of every possible chord out there
  • multiple tunings and for different instruments
  • visual highlights to tell you what chord you are one and a breakdown of the chord.
  • notated scales in both a fret-board and music notation.
  • good flat design. soft blues and grays are easy on the eyes.
  • reverse chord search

Some of the cons:

  • Can be overwhelming to look at at first.
  • On top of overwhelming it’s also pretty complex.
  • Can be hard to read.
  • Doesn’t offer extra options that I would want to have in my app.


Chord! Free (Guitar Chords) - screenshot thumbnailChord! Free (Guitar Chords) - screenshotChord! Free (Guitar Chords) - screenshotChord! Free (Guitar Chords) - screenshot

Learn Guitar Chords

This app is a simple play and learn app that features popular chords entirely free.

Some pros:

  • easy breakdown of the chords
  • You can hear the chord being played.
  • You can hear both Acoustic and Electric.

Some cons:

  • Skeuomorphic! (Ugly ass photography and design).
  • Too simple.
  • Only popular chords. Not all chords.
  • No chord look-up
  • No saving and favorting of chords.
  • limited range of chords. Entire fret-board is not shown.

Learn Guitar Chords - screenshotLearn Guitar Chords - screenshotLearn Guitar Chords - screenshot

Guitar chords and tabs

This app actually allows you to search for chords and tabs of known songs, This one however is NOT a chord book. But I am including it because of its other features. This connects most to my stretch goal — a song builder/player.


  • Easy searchbar for finding songs
  • visually displays if songs are for bass, or guitar. Chords or tab.
  • lists lyrics with chords, where you can even see chord fingering.
  • add it to favorites, and rate the song yourself. Can send mistakes in songs too.
  • auto-scroll. (VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE).


  • The design is not unified — haphazard.
  • No chord book (chord dictionary).
  • Lyrics are small and hard to read.
  • No guitar tuner. (Most of these kind of apps don’t).

Guitar chords and tabs - screenshot

Guitar chords and tabs - screenshot

Guitar chords and tabs - screenshot

Guitar chords and tabs - screenshot

Ultimate Guitar Chords:

Ultimate Guitar is perhaps the best online resource for all things guitar. This app purely contains chords in an easy to use manner.

Some Pros:

  • Easy navigation of chords
  • Strong designed UI.
  • Multiple tunings
  • Chord look-up (Advanced tool)

Some cons:

  • Despite being UG, it’s very rudimentary with what it has to offer.
  • No scales
  • No saving chords into your own library
  • UG has an entirely different app for tuning. (Good marketing though, but still, lol).


Ultimate Guitar Chords - screenshotUltimate Guitar Chords - screenshotUltimate Guitar Chords - screenshot

Ultimate Guitar Chords - screenshot




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