P2 – Podcast Manager

I’ve decided I want to do a podcast managing app for project two. I personally had no idea podcast manager apps even existed until right before I started researching; I enjoy listening to podcasts but never keep up with them because they’re hard to follow without a proper manager. I’m definitely interested in what the app world has to offer me when it comes to podcast managing!

1. DoggCatcher

DoggCatcher isn’t my first choice when it comes to podcast apps. It uses a lot of copy and close together buttons with no to little variation in color which makes it seem a little overwhelming at first. Centered buttons on the add feed page are a bit confusing, but the play bar at the bottom of the app is very nice and simple to use.

2. OneCast

OneCast is very simple and clean. The zero-state page is easily understood and the search function for finding new podcasts is straight forward as well. The episode page confuses me a little bit and there are unexplained features that you have to read the app page to know like how the fast fwd and rewind buttons skip 30 seconds in each direction.

3. Pocket Casts

PocketCasts feels younger to me, probably because of its poppy color scheme. It is a little bit crowded on the podcast grid screen, but I like that you can see all of your podcasts at once. I like that the episode information is saved for the episode page rather than crowding up the main page with too many words.

4. BeyondPod

BeyondPod is a little bit too crowded in its design for me, there is a lot of writing on each page and my eyes aren’t really sure where to go to find very specific information quickly. This is an app for people who follow a lot of different podcasts, probably news podcasts as are shown in the screenshot example, especially because there are entire pages dedicated to a description of what is in each episode of the podcast.

5. doubleTwist

While doubleTwist isn’t purely a podcast app it does include a tab for podcasts. I think that this format is much more common amongst the average phone user, I know that I’ve had basic music apps with podcast sections before, though I’ve never actually bothered trying to use them before. The typical user for this app would probably be in it for the music aspect rather than the podcast aspect, and are probably younger highschoolers – college students. Pros include a clean, easy to use app that is clearly laid out and brings you through your experience pretty easily. Cons are that the app does not focus on podcasts so they suffer a little bit as far as ease of access goes.


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