Project 2 Idea

I had 3 different ideas for what I wanted to do, but decided to do an app for grocery shopping. I would like to make an app that you could enter your grocery list into, and it would calculate the best prices from the closest store(s) + factor in the commute price (gas money or transportation fare money) to give you the best place to shop at (possibly one-stop shopping).

There are a bunch of apps that allow you to make grocery lists, price match items, and calculate commute times, but none have all of that combined in one. My goal is to have all of that seamlessly integrated into a single app, but not overwhelm the user with what it has to offer.

What I found online in relation to what I want to do:

shopping list free

One of the most popular shopping list apps in the App Store. It only allows you to make a shopping list, but the features are pretty straight forward:



2nd is an app that integrates a shopping list with a meal planner. Although it includes a feature I’m not including in mine, it relates to what I want to do because it includes another critical feature to pair with the shopping list. The app is very easy to use, and has very good reviews. Aesthetically, it looks very cookbook like, which isn’t what I’m going for.


The next app in relation is a price scanner app. Similar to mine, it checks items for the best price at multiple locations. I don’t think I’m gonna include a scanner in my app though. I think the problem with these apps is that they generate/collect a lot of useless information, such as: 20+ stores that have the item at ridiculous prices, when the user just wants to know what store has it at the best price.



4th is a commute helper app (let’s you know the best route to take to your location to save time/money). This is exactly what I want to integrate into my app because shoppers usually like to save their time and money. The thing about these apps is that they’re usually very simple/boring looking as you can see below:



Lastly is the Notes app that is native to the iPhone. I believe most people just simply use this app to enter their grocery lists in, and don’t use any fancy apps to do it. It’s simple, it works, and it’s quick/easy to use. Obviously it doesn’t feature any of the grocery helping options I want in my app, but the easy to use feel is what I want in my app.



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