Real Estate App

For the next project I would like to create a real estate app that actually functions the way I wish they did. There are some apps out there that have nicer features than others, but because I was working with Windermere, it behooved me to use their app. I never ended up using half of the features, and I can also see that it has been updated since I started using it in March. Originally I had to be invited to the app, which was really strange but I guess makes sense because they wanted everything to link back to my realtor. There are other features that I wish the app had, like a mortgage calculator, boundary line tool, and a useful “points of interest” tool. Enough about the Windermere app, I am going to break down the pros and cons of each competing app.

photo 2(2) photo 1 photo 2 photo 4 photo 5

I can add houses to my tour
Easy to reach my agent, contact at bottom of listing pages
It allows me to search by MLS#
It is easy to find an agent…
Prices are shown on the map

I cannot see the houses on my tour on their own map
The first page, nearby listings, is wayyy out of my price range
The search function does not highlight the price as a main search item
Does not keep track of houses I’ve seen
…but I already have an agent, so the option should change
Maybe his number should be more easily accessed from every page
I wish this thing had a mortgage calculator

I decided to look into some mortgage calculators to see how they differ.

photo 1(2) photo 2(1) photo 3 photo 4(1) photo 5(1) photo 1(3)

Price is first, then down payment, then less important information
Easily swipe between purchase, refinance, amortization, affordability
You can save the results of a calculation
It gives you options for what it thinks you can afford as far as down payment

“Our Rates” wasn’t working
Call an agent is kind of strange, I am not getting a loan from them
The “about” section is too much information and holds equal importance in the nav

photo 2(3) photo 3(1)

Mortgage Calculator
Very simple design, only two screens
I can email myself the calculations

Doesn’t offer option to save
The aesthetics are a little strange, why a blueprint on a table?

…This app is so simple there is very little to analyze

photo 4(2) photo 5(3) photo 1(6) photo 2(5)

Search function gives you current location, mls#, and curated search all on one page
The sort function is nice
The radius function in search is nice, but not specific enough
Saved houses are easily accessed….
It includes a mortgage calculator!
The feedback section is great, easy to send a question to one of their agents (Maybe it’s replaced if you have an agent?)
Easily toggle between list search and map search

The focus a lot on their brand on the home page, although search are the top two, agent, office, and about are taking up most of the page
There is no way to create a tour
…but I am not sure that is less important than the “recent” tab
These zero state autofills make mortgage payments look scary, filling in really high amounts for every field
Map should show prices or something on it

photo 1(9) photo 2(7) photo 3(5) photo 4(5) photo 5(6) photo 1(10) photo 2(8) photo 2(9) photo 3(6)

Gives lots of options for searching, including rentals, for sale, and pre-market
Main menu slides from the side
Draw search boundary line!
Shows prices on the map
Double slider is cool
Once on map, easy to switch between map and list view
Includes mortgage calculator
Shop for rates…

I would definitely not be searching for rentals using this
Why do they show sold houses?
The address filter does not need to be on every page
…but I will not be using their rates
Other calculators hidden under shop rates

The nicest design of all the real estate apps
Nice onboarding
Draw to create search area
Prices on the mapGives more information on schools



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