umm… what does that even mean?

I love words… don’t you? I can’t get enough useless information about words: their origins, synonyms, language translations, how to use the word properly, how to use it in a slang setting. Everyday we all hear at least two words we’ve never heard of in our language and sometimes we want to write it down before we forget in 2.2 seconds. Here are some dictionary options I researched…

Oxford Dictionary of English

Is your typical dictionary app, nothing too exciting but right to the point. I don’t feel that it offers many options for learning more about the word.

Oxford1 Oxford2


Dictionary – by WordWeb

This app offers more options with a filter page where you can set how much information you want on your searches. If you don’t know how a word is spelled you can add “???” for the missing letters which is a little strange compared to those who offer options while you are typing in the search bar. But it does offer “sounds like” suggestions for words you can’t remember.

WordWeb1 WordWeb2


Merriam-Webster Dict 

This one utilizes progressive disclosure with secondary information and guides the user with icons. It offers a microphone option if you have no idea how to spell something or you’re just too busy to type. Offers “word of the day,” audio pronunciations, hides navigation buttons for more real estate, and is offer offline. However, this free app shows ads.

Merriam-Webster app

This guy is best known for their friendly website but has the smartphone and tablet app as well. Offers word origin & history, idioms & phrases, abbreviations, acronyms & slang content AND… Word of the Day home screen widget. However, one does need to ZOOMin to see all the information, not the best design.

Dict1 Dict2



This guy can recognize up to 16 languages and 18 languages for pronunciation. No need to upload pictures, just focus in the viewfinder. Supports translations between 36 languages. Combines the Collins and Oxford dictionaries for translations. Pretty thorough onboarding for how to use.

CamDict1 CamDict2 CamDict3


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