P2 // Q&A // Wireframes

  1. Who is your primary audience? Do you have a secondary one? My primary audience is creative people who submit their work into contests, festivals, or apply for proposals or grants, even scholarships – basically anything with a deadline.
  2. What are the top three objectives for your app? 1) To gather content/to have a massive list of deadlines in one place 2) to make it easy for people to remember deadlines  3) to set up the app so people are automatically sent reminders to their smart phones that are hard to miss – without having to look at their calendars (because people get busy and forget to look at their calendars).
  3. What are all of the features that related apps have? Are there any that you have thought of on your own? List as many as you can. Other apps can calendar events and set up reminders but may not send auto generated reminders. I was reviewing some apps and people complained because they still had to look at their calendars to see the reminders and would FORGET to look at their calendars. My app will have all the deadline events/searchable content in one place people can pilfer through and choose to add to their docket plus, my app will send auto reminders to their smart phones and any additional places they would like to receive them (email, text, facebook).
  4. What is the bare minimum in functionality that your web app should be able to do? Gather content/a list of deadlines (through submissions by users like a classified section but just for creative projects/deadlines) and for reminders to be auto generated and sent to the user.
  5. What features are unnecessary or don’t lead directly to the objectives you listed above? I’m trying to keep this as Spartan as possible right now
  6. What is your “Call to Action” (The first thing a user should do)? The main call to action is to see the deadline reminder and get their stuff done so they don’t miss the deadline. The secondary call to action is to receive a news feed of deadlines they can review and add to their docket if they want to.

WIREFRAMES // Option 1

Image Image

WIREFRAMES // Option 2



WIREFRAMES // Option 3




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