Cheap Flight Questionnaire

  1. Who is your primary audience? Do you have a secondary one?

Frugal people, deal seekers, spontaneous travellers.

  1. What are the top three objectives for your app?

Consolidate all of the flight prices and use that data to find the cheapest possible price for the user. Find a place to stay in an area of town that doesn’t suck. Be notified through email when ticket prices reach lower prices for the place you want to go.

  1. What are all of the features that related apps have? Are there any that you have thought of on your own? List as many as you can.

Map showing hotels, listing of flights, flights with multiple connections, sorting by price + stops, heat maps of interesting areas of the town, email price alerts, graphs depicting scaling prices.

  1. What is the bare minimum in functionality that your web app should be able to do?

Be able to search flights by price rather than date. So you build your trip around when it’s cheapest rather than what time of year you think to go.

  1. What features are unnecessary or don’t lead directly to the objectives you listed above?

Maybe town information, neighborhood information. Not sure how in depth to go with the heat map idea. It’s needed on some level so you won’t book a hotel in the middle of nowhere, but I don’t want it to turn into yelp.

  1. What is your “Call to Action” (The first thing a user should do)?

Look up a place they want to go from where they are currently. Might be interesting to have ‘cheapest tickets’ list. Maybe from that list you could pick which continent you want to fly to.


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