Pitching Coach App Wireframes & Questionnaire

1.   The primary audience for my app would be baseball coaches and players of any level but the design style I will try to shoot for here will be directed towards college and high school baseball.

2.   Make it easy to map pitching sessions with locations and speeds, allow for easy access to past sessions info, and compare current maps/speeds to past ones.

3.   I couldn’t find any apps that did specifically what mine does. I found a few that allowed tracking of pitch speeds but none that were based around tracking locations. A lot of the baseball related apps I found were focused on real time data instead of comparing current player data with past.

4.   Track and compare pitching locations and speeds for unlimited sessions.

5.   Displaying extra player info (Throwing Hand, Number, Photo, and Year).

6.   Choose a player to view/track. Possibly choose a team roster to view.

This first set of sketches is how I originally planned to do this app but I think it may be too complicated. It is a work out tracker and scheduler that could also include the same info displayed in the second set of sketches.

Pitching_App_Sketch_1 Pitching_App_Sketch_2


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