Questionaire + Wireframes

Parking Finder App

1. Who is your primary audience? Do you have a secondary one?

  •  Primary: Drivers. Specifically those who often park in crowded and competitive areas. Secondary: Possibly passengers who could potentially help the driver find parking.

2. What are the top three objectives for your app?

  • Help the user find an open (ideally on street) parking spot
  • To assist the user in finding their parked car if they can’t remember where they parked
  • To alert the user when their parking is almost expired, and provide a way (on the app) to renew or add more time to the meter

3. What are all of the features that related apps have? Are there any that you have thought of on your own? List as many as you can.

  • Keep track of where the user parks their car
  • Find parking in the users area area (street, lot, garage)
  • Find parking in another area (i.e. where the user is headed)
  • Tell user if a nearby spot will be available soon
  • Notify user when parking is about to run out
  • Allow user to pay for parking via app
  • Allow user to renew parking via app
  • Help user decipher confusing signs (i.e. Can I Park Here? allows user to snap a picture of a parking sign with their phone and upload it, then be told whether or not it is okay to park in that spot at the given day/time)
  • Show the user the rate of parking
  • Show the user a map of where available parking is
  • Provide voice navigation directing user to available parking spot
  • Allow for prepaid parking

4. What is the bare minimum in functionality that your web app should be able to do?

  • Help the User find available parking

5. What features are unnecessary or don’t lead directly to the objectives you listed above?

  • Prepaid parking
  • Renew or add time to parking from phone
  • Deciphering parking signs (via mobile upload)
  • Voice navigation

6. What is your “Call to Action” (The first thing a user should do)?

  • Select a specific area where they are currently trying to park, or are about to park.

photo-1 photo-2 photo-3


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