Questions + Wireframes

I decided to change my app to an app that locates the closest/best public toilet nearest you. (so no more grocery shopping app!)

  1. Who is your primary audience? Do you have a secondary one?
    Men & Women of all ages. Possibly working men/women, or people who find themselves out and about around town.
  2. What are the top three objectives for your app?
    • To give people an easy to use app to find the closest and best public toilets near them.
    • One that will stand out from the competitors apps (aesthetically and usability).
    • Have it not be overwhelming with information (especially the map).
  3. What are all of the features that related apps have? Are there any that you have thought of on your own? List as many as you can.
    • Filters: Mens, Womens, Unisex, Handicap Restrooms
    • Reviews
    • Camera function (to take pictures of the facilities to share)
    • Add a toilet function
    • Favorite a facility
    • Directions
    • Report changes
    • Toilet Sounds
    • Music
  4. What is the bare minimum in functionality that your web app should be able to do?
    To simply locate public toilets near you.
  5. What features are unnecessary or don’t lead directly to the objectives you listed above?
    I’m still debating on if it should need a login/signup page, because I would like for people to share reviews/photos of the facilities, but obviously a first time user of this app might not want to go through a signup page (they just want to quickly find the nearest restroom).
  6. What is your “Call to Action” (The first thing a user should do)?
    Locate where you are at (through the “location services” feature in the iPhone) so the app can locate where the closest toilets are near you.




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