Guitar App: More Wireframes, User Flows, Moodboard and General Feedback


Over the weekend I built my prototype app and gave it to a couple people to try out. Their initial reaction is that it seemed pretty straight-forward enough. They wished more pages were made, but that was just a side-effect of me not wanting to photograph 30 small minute changes. I only gave them the bare minimum to grasp all the ideas of the app. The “index card” game people thought was really neat. They also liked that there is more than 1 way to get to an answer. A concern I had was that I was showing this app to non-music people. But the way the app presented itself seemed that you could just pick a guitar and strum anything and it could find the closest chord. They get that it is a chord-finder first, before it being a chord-player, or chord-builder. This idea of it being seen as a chord-finder was spot on. I did not want to give an early impression that this was something that you had to sink time in. This is an app that is quick. My brother who tried the app also liked how when searching for a chord with the “magnifying glass” button, that it shows a list of clickable presets. This makes finding a chord faster. Areas where the app could be more efficient is how favorite chords and chord diagrams are treated. For this I want to only show recently played chords, and then you can favorite as you go on 1 screen. This wasn’t present in my demo. You don’t have to bring up an in-depth chord diagram in order to favorite. You can favorite multiple chords on just a single screen.


Guitar Moodboard-01

User Flow charts:

Round 2 Round 2b Round 2c

More wire frames (Since Thursday), these were ultimately used for the POP app

Round 2d Round 2e


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