Pitch Tracker App User Questions, User Flow, & Moodboard

User Questions:

1.   Is the app’s goal obvious?

I showed this to the friends I have that either played baseball or are interested in it and they under stood it.

2.   How could this app be made to be easier to understand?

I was reminded that I will need to add in some pop up onboarding features when users first go to pages.

3.   What do you think the app could be rid of that may be reducing its usability?

De-emphasizing certain information like the throwing hand and year of player and giving more emphasis to the recording aspect.

4.   What might you add to give this app more dynamism?

Possibly a way to compare past stats with current ones or compare two to three charts from any time together (web charts could be used).

5.   Does this app have a baseball/sporty feeling?

Sí señor

User Flow:





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