Project 2 Wireframes, Mood Boards, User Flows

Get ready for a massive amount of stuff. I spent a lot of time in trying to get it to work for people to fiddle around with. I found out that I couldn’t really share it though with a free account and my girlfriend has been working nights so I really didn’t get much feedback on it at all. I’m hoping in class today we will get some people who may fiddle around with it. It was helpful to go though that process by itself because I figured out where I want each click to take you and how important it is to get back to the main menu, etc.

Obviously there’s still some important things I need to work out, since these wireframes are higher fidelity it seems like they are more finished but it doesn’t have a lot of core capability that I’m thinking of – such as email to watch prices.

beginningscreenpopupinteraction flightlist graph hotelmap


Below are the low fidelity wireframes that I came up with – these got me started.




IMAG0076 IMAG0078 IMAG0079

Some mood boards. Seems like most people are thinking flat design.

inspiration1 inspiration2 inspiration3

And finally a user flow.



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