Parking Finder App: Moodboards, User Flow, Wireframes & Questionnaire




User flow:



**I did these in pencil and now realize they aren’t the easiest to read. If you guys can figure out what’s going on, I would love some feedback!



1) Is this a practical app/can you see yourself using this?

  • a) Yes, I think it’s practical and would use it when I go downtown.
  • b) I don’t drive very often, but if I did I think this would be very handy.

2) Does it seem easy to use or complicated and fussy?

  • a) I think there are a lot of steps involved before getting to see where to park, but it’s nice that there are options.
  • b) I think the large buttons make it easy to follow.

3) Is there anything confusing about this app?

  • a) When it shows the map with available parking for the first time, it’s kid of confusing how the pins correlate with the times below.
  • b) It’s hard to say because it’s not actually finished. I think the minor confusing parts will be cleared up when it is actually made.

4) Are there any features you would add/remove from this app?

  • a) I don’t think so. I love that it helps you find where you parked your car though!
  • b) I would maybe consider adding the options from the first page (“HELLO”) and the second page (“ALRIGHT”) together so it’s not so many steps before getting to the map. However, it is kind of nice to only have a few options at a time.

5) What is the thing you like most and least about the concept of this app?

  • a)At first I thought that this could be a bad idea to encourage someone to use an app while driving, but then I realized it’s not much different than using GPS on your phone to get somewhere while driving. Otherwise, I think it’s a really good idea!
  •  b) I like that it’s a seemingly easy way to find a parking spot. I think having an app alert you when your parking is almost up is a really good idea, too.

6) How would you describe this app to someone who had never heard of it before?

  • a) I would tell them that it’s an app that helps you find parking.
  • b) I would probably bring up the fact that it has a few main qualities: It finds available parking, it let’s you pay from your phone, and it keeps track of where you park.

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