Tips on Presenting IxD from Hirumi Nanayakkara


  1. Empathy
    Your audience needs to emotionally connect to what you are pitching for you to sell it well. In order to that, you need to tell a really good story. What is the problem that your product is solving? Every great website/digital product tells a compelling story by interweaving thoughtful UI with meaningful interactions and gestures.
  2. Identify the target demographic
    Interview users, create personas, and go through user flows. I find that many people like to skip over this part, but its so so important
  3. Analysis
    Competitive and comparative. You should know what is already out there and why your product is better than it, and also things that inspire you
  4. Prioritize features
    List out everything you and your users want your product to do and then prioritize. Designing for mobile first makes this easy, and also helps in cutting out bells + whistles that dont actually make your product better
  5. Wireframe + Prototype
    Simple paper prototyping or interactive PDFs can help you figure out what you need to build before wasting a lot of time coding/designing

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