Project 2: Guitar App Final Presentation + POP App EC

Over the weekend I created another POP app prototype — this time with my pre-final slides. I gave it to my brother and a couple friends to try out. Overall they though that the app looked really straightforward and smart. However one of my friends didn’t quite grasp the concept of why you would add chords into a song. I told him basically that It’s because ultimately your end game is to play a song. If I had just kept it simple to a chord look-up then it would leave them yearning for more. This song section to me, just makes it feel more complete.

Some features like adding to favorites, deleting chords and adding them to a song were not hidden in my Pre-final slides. Most agreed that they should be tucked away i.e. “Progressive Disclosure” (They didn’t know that word), and that by tapping a settings icon you can see them. I made that change in my final iteration.

One person thought that the “song” icon in general did not fit the rest of the icons graphically. While I believe that this is true to an extent, it’s also very hard to come up with a simpler icon that can still read as a song viewer. However I can change this, upon further critique.

People liked that you have 3 ways of getting to a chord. The magnifying glass method, the tapping and swiping method and the record button method.

They all agreed that the “Record Session” should be full screen. I have changed this in my final iteration.

Another change I made that reflected a couple students opinions in class was to keep the grid structure that I was using constant throughout. I have made this change for my final as well.


Some select screens:

Chord Breakdown Menu-01 Chord Gm Adding Chord Songbook-01 On Board Keyboard-01 Favorites-01 Recent History Options-01Record Session-01Song Oceans Chord List-01

At last, here is the Presentation:



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