Movie & Ideas

Men in Black III:
Card Reader
Weird bubble viewer
Round talking interface
Moving walls
Clock Interface
Old Neuralizer
Person to Person

Iron Man III:
Voice Activated
Shirt thing
Body Armor
Extremist (brain scan)
Hologram phone
House robot
Hand/Space interface 3d projection
Metal projection marbles

The Neuralizer is a very important tool for the Men in Black team to erase the out of this world memories caused by alien presence and disturbance. The Neuralizer is a pen sized device that pops up and flashes a bright light that erases everyone’s memory. It is very practical for the Men in Black, but if it were to get into the wrong hands, earth would be in trouble. Another reason I chose the Neuralizer is because in the third movie, we see the evolution of the Neuralizer. Since the characters travel back in time, J almost gets his memory erased, which would have put the whole world at risk. The old Neuralizer is a big machine, with bright lights and a spinning chamber that the person goes in. This older design does not allow for Neuralizing of mass groups of people on the go, and it also requires much more time to work. Thankfully, it took more time to Neuralize, because J almost had his memory erased, but that’s another story. Something like the Neuralizer definitely does not need to exist in the real world, because abuse of that power would be inevitable, and I’m pretty sure there aren’t too many aliens living among us.



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